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SPA Tours is a full service leisure travel company that started as a small local business. Our goal: to create a memorable experience for all kinds of travelers and for every customer we serve. Our strong point: attention to detail and an obsession with service excellence. With more than 30 years of experience, SPA Tours is now a market leader on the island of Crete, combining the exceptional service of a thriving modern company, with the friendly and trustworthy environment of a traditional family business.


SPA Tours is a trend setting, full service travel agency, which has become know for offering exceptional services to individual customers, groups and also to corporate travelers. Our many years of Leisure Travel experience with the Greek, European, American and other International Communities, has positioned us to anticipate the unique expectations and needs of a diverse community of customers. As a result, we have become experts in tailoring our services to meet or exceed the needs of our customers. .


An elegant three-floor building located at Platia Dikastirion (Court of Law Square) just in the center of Chania, houses our headquarters. From there, Stavros Paterakis and the management team, monitors the activity of the company. At the ground floor, our travel agents are working hard to please our customers, using edge technologies in tourism and supported by the latest computer systems. The location of our branch office at the suburb Mouzouras (NSA SOUDA BAY) ensures that both CHQ Airport and Souda port (the two entrances of the western Crete) are reached within 20 minutes. Moreover, the company owns a very big number of cars to lend, of any size and for any taste. Our car fleet is being renewed often, to make sure that we provide our customers with the best.


When the international focus and proven communication skills of our staff are combined with our technological skills and deep knowledge of the market, the results are unbeatable. The superiority of SPA Tours clearly lies with the quality and experience of our human resources. Our management team works tirelessly to recruit, train and motivate our customer service staff to create a customer focused leisure travel environment that creates both satisfied and repeat customers.
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